The Heartland... known for rolling fields and friendly people. But Iowa also grows some amazing music. Funk, Latin, Jazz, Blues, Reggae, along with some of the smartest Rock and Roll you can hear anywhere! The Iowa Channel is the only place where all of these musicians, in every genre can be heard. Check us out. And if you don't like what you hear, wait five minutes, and it'll change. Just like Iowa weather.

How do I listen?

  • Listen Now! Click here for the Web Player.
  • Listen on your mobile device. Download the free Iowa Channel App for your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad (Search "Iowa Channel" in the iTunes App Store or click on the screenshot.) Android users, click here for our Android App. For other operating systems, go to the LISTEN page for recommended apps.
  • Listen over the web. The Iowa Channel streams in both high and low-bandwidth formats. Go to the LISTEN page to choose the webcast that's right for you.
  • Listen over the air. If you have an HD Radio, you can also listen to us over the air in the Iowa City/Cedar Rapids area at 88.3 HD-2.
Iowa Channel App made possible through funding by the Iowa Arts Council.


What is The Iowa Channel? The Iowa Channel is a unique music station, featuring the musical artists who call Iowa home. A variety of genres are represented: Jazz, Blues, Latin, Worldbeat, Folk, Reggae, Rock and more.

Who runs it? The Iowa Channel was created by Jazz 88.3 KCCK, Iowa's only jazz station, operated by Kirkwood Community College. Our station has always supported and played the music of Iowa jazz and blues artists, but wished for the chance to involve the great Iowa musicians who create other kinds of music as well. When we added HD Radio to our broadcast, we created the Iowa Channel to run on our second program channel, 88.3 KCCK HD-2. Now, anyone with a computer or appropriate phone or mobile device can tune in as well.

This is cool music! But, how can I tell who's playing a particular song? Your mobile device or streaming client should show the title and artist. Visit our artists page for links to the sites of many of the musicians we play. Check out our Twitter stream, which lists everything we play.

I'm an Iowa musician. How can I get my music on the station? Email us, or just send your CD to the address below.